Hello all my bingo players! In the first part of these bingo winning tips, we shared 5 solid bingo playing tips that you can use to maximize your chances of winning at any bingo game you play. That goes for whether you’re playing the real world game at your local bingo hall or playing bingo online at some bingo casino site.

6: Watch for and play free bingo games.

Most good bingo sites and casinos run promotions that give you a free game. Or do a BOGOF (Buy One Get One Free) buy in. Always look out for these offers and take them up on it as it can really help. I’ve won free bingo games before and that equals to 100% profit. Not all bingo and casino sites offer them but when they do, jump on them!

7: When the fun stops – stop!

Hey look, you’re not going to win every game of bingo! That’s just bingo for you! And you may go through bad spells where you’re not winning anything at all. That can prove to be quite frustrating and forces you to put more money into the site to try and recoup your losses. While you hope you are more lucky this time. This hardly happens though and I find I win more when I’m relaxed and actually enjoying the game I’m playing. So take a break for a while! Walk away and come back when you’re feeling happier, and luckier! Continue reading “Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips – part 2”

Bingo is a game that has been around for many years! And as many of the most popular real world games are made into an online version of it so has the game of bingo. And that can only make sense since more and more people are preferring to play games online in the comfort of their own home now instead of visiting a cold bingo hall!

There are now more than half a million online bingo players all around the world. All playing on over 500 different online bingo sites. With all those players and that many sites and more to play bingo on, it’s no wonder why it seems like everyone wants to get in on the fun and enjoy the fun and benefits that playing, and winning bingo has.

I have my own preferred bingo sites I like to play bingo on myself. But what about actually winning the game itself? It’s great to join in and play it. Whether you’re playing on your own or with other people like friends and family. But winning bingo is something completely different altogether isn’t it!?

Well I’ve played thousands of bingo games over the years that I’ve been playing bingo online. I’ve learned a few tricks that I like to make use of that maximize my chances of winning as well as maximizing my chances of getting one of the top payouts from whichever bingo site I’m playing on. And here’s what I’ll share with you now! Continue reading “My Top 10 Bingo Playing Tips to Maximize Your Bingo Winning Success”

Foxy bingo is owned by Cashcade, which is a leading online gaming company in the United Kingdom. This company runs a variety of gaming websites that allow casino play, bingo play, and more. Even though there isn’t a physical Foxy bingo location, this backing by a well-known company helps to safeguard players against scam bingo games. Since online competition often leads to fake sites, it is always best to go with a known name such as Cashcade. One of the added benefits of using Foxy bingo as opposed to some other bingo sites, is that they offer more of a community than some do. Not only can players talk to each other through chat rooms, but you can see profiles of other players as well as hear the stories of past winners. Many people enjoy this part of it, because it makes it seem a little more personal than some sites. Even though it’s virtual bingo, the people, the game, and the money are all real. And that’s one of the things that makes Foxy bingo such a quickly growing company. That, and the fact that bingo has a lot of die-hard followers that always love a great place to play.]]>

Mecca on line bingo is easy for anyone to play, and all you have to do to get started is register for free. Then you will be given access to Mecca online bingo, as well as a variety of other games. Mecca bingo offers a variety of benefits to its members, and these vary at any given time. The added benefits can include half-price cards, a free voucher for Mecca Bingo, and more. This is just one of the many reasons why, if you love bingo, Mecca might just be perfect for you. By visiting Mecca Bingo online, you will be given so many options, including instant play and marathon bingo games, slots and more. Mecca Bingo online also contains a job search page, as well as the ability to solve disputes or ask questions without ever leaving your home. By keeping the players connected to those who run the games, they are able to continue to grow as a company and continue to offer high payouts for low stakes. So, if you are located in the United Kingdom, and you have been searching for a place to play bingo, you may have just found it. And by joining Mecca bingo you will be joining some serious bingo players who have a true love for the thrill of the game.]]>

There is no better way to play lotto than online. You can easily play in the Euro Millions Lottery draw online and purchase tickets for the draw of your choice. This way you can sit in the comfort of your home and enjoy playing in the Euro Millions Lottery draw without setting foot out of your house. You can even choose your own numbers if you wish to do so and what draw you want to play in. This way you can even check your numbers on the site to see if you purchased a winning ticket or not and have won the millions from the jackpot or not. Try it out for yourself today by going in the draw to win millions and becoming a millionaire by purchasing tickets online for a Euro Millions Lottery draw. You never know your luck and this may just be your fate. You will never know unless you try and this just may be the start of your financially stress free life. Get online today and purchase a ticket for the Euro Millions Lottery draw and find out for yourself just how fun it can be and just how many millions you have to gain from the experience. All the best!]]>

An added bonus to using Bingo Mania is that you have the option of playing games for free that have no payout. These games, by leaving out the wager, are more fun and less stressful for some people. Plus, by playing with no risk, you are able to learn more about the game. By the time you decide to start playing the paying Bingo Mania games, you will be well-prepared and you will understand all the lingo. Then, if you decide to play bingo at a club, you will know you didn’t miss any possible wins due to misunderstandings. And, playing the game itself is a big enough risk, but taking the extra risk of not understanding everything would take away from the fun of the game.]]>

YouTube video — can’t you already feel the casino welcoming you in? It’s something that will make you feel incredible, playing at a casino. It feels like being part of a very exclusive world, even though anyone can join. This is because the casinos really do go out of their way to make you feel important, make you feel amazing, and make you ready to make new friends. Yes, that’s right — a lot of people go out to the casinos to make new friends. Why not go visit site to find out more information? You can do it. The social aspect, the ability to win real money, and even the power of being part of a world that most don’t even dare enter are all strong reasons to hit the casino up. You don’t have to be a legendary gambler in order to have a great time. While you’ll find that there are some folks that pretty much make their livelihood from professional gambling, the reality is that most people are really just amateurs. They’re out to have a good time and that’s about it. They’re not really trying to do too much of anything. So if you really want to be able to get things done, now is the best time to really hit up the casinos. You just never know what you can win until you go out there and check it all out for yourself — good luck!]]>

For more detail about free bingo sites keep reading onlinebingoschool.co.uk where there will be a lot of useful information about it. The site has links to the free sites as well as sites with great bonuses. It explains all about free bingo and how it works and so you can find out the advantages of playing and where you can play it. It is very informative and has great detailed explanations. So basically bingo can be played for free on a few sites, by using a bonus given by a site or as an opportunity to try out a site before having to pay for real games.]]>

exciting new mobile bingo site so you can play on the phone all of the time. This a great new function by Paddy Power. This means that when you are waiting in a queue, on public transport or on your coffee break, you will be able to pick up your phone and have a game of bingo. It can be a lot of fun and the Paddy Power bingo has a lot to offer. New players get a free £20 account once they deposit and play with £5. This means that you can have lots of fun on the game without having to spend very much money at all. It can give you a great chance of finding out what it is all about, how the game works, how to play and just have lots of fun with it. Most people do know how to play bingo already, but there are variations of the game and so you may find some sites are better than others. By having a go, you will be able to discover all of the bingo rooms, what it is like playing either on your mobile or your computer and discover the different games. There are 90 ball, 80 ball and 75 ball versions and also lucky numbers bingo as well as deal or no deal. They have a selection of other games available as well. For Android and tablet owners. They will soon be bringing iPhone and iPad versions out as well so most people will be able to play bingo when they are outside of the home as well as inside. So if you love bingo and want to play when you are inside and outside of the house, then getting this mobile app could be just the thing for you. It will help you to have fun with bingo all of the times and you might just start to see that prize money rolling in.]]>